Crystal Healing

This is a form of energy healing for the mind, body and spirit. It incorporates the unique essence of each crystal when applied to the recipient. This can be in the format of hands on healing with the laying on of crystals: preparing elixirs for drinking or applying topically on specific areas of the body, wearing crystals, holding crystals, placing crystals in our homes and work environments.

Crystal healing, may bring calm and peace of mind. It may also release physical and emotional pain. When wearing crystals they may bring a confidence to persona - their radiance helping us to shine. In our homes too they bring pleasure, they help to keep the energies clear and bring protection from outside influences.

Animals too are drawn to the energy of crystals. It is recognised that when in their natural environment they will self select plants and herbs to overcome illness or imbalances - both physical and emotional. So too they are often drawn to specific crystals. However, it is important to observe their reactions. If they appear happy that is fine but never force the situation. Allow them to choose.

Most crystals form naturally over time within the earths surface. Some however, fall down on to the earth from high above.
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