I recently received some distance healing from Oonagh. I had been shielding from Covid 19 for over three months, and was feeling low and uncertain about the future.

I found the session to be very relaxing and thought provoking, and I felt very much better after it as it helped me put things in to perspective. A week later I am still feeling the benefits.

To make it work all I had to do was find a comfy place in my house to sit and relax. I decided to have classical music playing softly in the background. Oonagh contacted me 5 minutes before the session by text to make sure I was ready, and then we also spoke after it had finished, which I found to be very useful.

I most certainly will have further sessions and would recommend them to others for their beneficial effects.

Sue M

Oonagh’s distance healing feels just as powerful as if she was with you in person. I have felt the benefits of Oonagh’s distance healing and wise words. Oonagh has compassion, empathy and kindness which comes across remotely or in person. I highly recommend her.

Sue H

I feel so lucky to have been put in touch with Oonagh. She is warm and caring and I feel safe with her. She is always happy to answer my questions and make sure that I am confident about proceeding. She is helping me with various aspects of my like, using her wide-ranging expertise, and after every visit I notice improvement - sometimes subtle, sometimes more dramatic. And as an unexpected bonus, she has completely changed the atmosphere in my home, making it comfortable to live in for the first time! Oonagh is a lovely lady and I feel privileged to be receiving her help.

B.W, Croxley Green

I had heard about Reiki and wanted to experience it but was hesitant, not sure. The experience was so relaxing and soothing. I now have regular sessions just to feel good and forget about work. I look forward to those Friday afternoon sessions.

Daniella, Edgware

As soon as you meet Oonagh she radiates warmth and caring so puts you at ease straight away. You feel safe as she has a quiet understanding manner and it is a lovely calming experience. It is like your mind wanders off for the time you are with her to pleasant memories and you are so relaxed that you don’t want to leave that place.

You come away feeling that a weight has been taken off your shoulders and want to keep smiling, feeling more together than before you met her. Some things that have been troubling you have been there a long time so it takes a while to clear them but with Oonagh’s great healing powers I am sure this will happen.

I am so glad that from a casual conversation I was put in touch with Oonagh and always look forward to seeing her again and entering her sanctuary of peace and harmony.

Heather, Watford

I was able to relax and engage in each session and found that I gained a sense of calm and wellbeing. With Oonagh's guidance I was able to focus on aspects of both my physical and emotional health.

Sue, Watford

Since starting my healing sessions I have not had any further panic attacks. I am calmer, think things through more clearly and am less stressed. My abdomen is no longer bloated and the pain in my shoulder has considerably reduced. During the sessions I am always amazed as to how certain parts of my body feel so much heat. I have found Oonagh's warmth, comfort and gentle nature very soothing. This, I am sure has contributed significantly to the healing process. I have certainly benefited from the sessions and would highly recommend her to others.

Susie, St. Albans

I highly recommend Oonagh who is a warm and gentle person who conducts the process of Spiritual Response Therapy in a positive and supportive manner. She clearly has a natural intuition for healing and I always look forward to my next session with her.

Sandy, Hemel Hempstead

I was amazed at how extremely simple and gentle the process of Spiritual Response Therapy is and fascinated that Oonagh was able to tune in to the precise areas that have been troubling me. It had never occurred to me that past experiences could be so deeply seated in my subconscious mind and have such a profound influence in my life. I feel empowered and no longer automatically think that everything is my fault!

Alexandra, Tring

Oonagh has a calm and gentle presence. All my animals love her. During one of my healing sessions my very elderly cat sat under the couch. She had been very poorly for sometime requiring frequent visits to our local vet. She had been off her food for some days and was having difficulty walking. At the end of my session she stretched, walked quite sprightly into the kitchen and ate some food!

Lena, Bushey